Junior Policies

The Kapunda Football Club agrees and requires members of our club to abide by the National Football’s Code of Conduct.

Players who flaunt with the code will be addressed by coaches and/or the committee, often with consequences to ensure we reduce the risk of this happening again.


Our junior players form a foundation for our Club.

They play our game for our club to have fun.

As a community club, it is our job to create the environment for this to happen; to guide our young players to be the best they can be.

If you can enjoy watching the game, this is fantastic. Your support and encouragement helps drive our primary focus of ensuring the kids enjoy themselves playing for a successful club.

A big part of success is enjoyment. So join us in celebrating the performances and efforts from all individuals and teams. Like the rest of us, our children are not perfect. Encourage our kids and make positive comments. The opposite is rarely effective and can be scarring to these impressionable little people. Give them a cheer, regardless of the outcome to encourage our juniors to be the best they can be.

The truth is that we are ALWAYS being watched by our kids. Role-model good behaviour when you watch them play, and show our juniors what this looks like day-to-day.

Violence in any form cannot be tolerated. The Kapunda Football Club will not tolerate poor behaviour. We also do not condone any form of foul language, sledging or harassment of players, coaches and officials. Please do not put any of our people in the unpleasant position of inviting you to leave.

All our junior coaches, Club Committee and officials are volunteers and the personal commitment given is immense and immensely valued. Please show your respect at the decisions our good people make. If you wish to share some concern, or clarify information, you are most welcome to approach and ask. We ask that this is done in a most respectful manner and at an appropriate time, such as after the game, when our coaches and officials have wrapped up the teams efforts for the day.

Please show respect and sportsmanship to our opposing teams. They too are trying their best to help the kids enjoy the experience. Without them, there would be no game.

Finally, cheers to the kids! The ones that bring us all so much enjoyment and the ones that will be custodians of the Club in the near future, leading into the next 150 years. This could only be achieved through people dedicating their time and effort; from the players through to our members; and that’s worth celebrating – go the Bomber!