Vision & Core Values

Our Vision and Core Values are in place to clarify the direction we are heading, and to outline the principles that will guide us in all that we do. We are by no means a perfect club, and we will continue to strive for perfection through our people and processes. Go the Bomber!


“We will continue to strive for on-field success and to be a place where our community wants to be and a Club that people want to be part of.”


BOND – the relationship we have and continue to develop with our community is as important as the family focus we believe is integral to our current and future success as a Club.

ONWARD – we are steeped in history and will work to learn our lessons with the intent to continue to build a strong and long-term future for our Club.

MORALITY – Guided by our vision, we will act and make decisions in a respectful and ethical manner, with honour and integrity.

BRAVE – we are courageous and committed when taking action and making decisions for the Club.

ENCOURAGE – we are a community club that develops and empowers our players to be the best they can be through direction and support.

RESPONSIBLE – we are reliable, accountable, trustworthy and consistent in our approach; as individuals, team members and Club.